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Types of Photography

Photography is the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor) Major types of Photography are given below:

  1. Aerial photography: It is the genre of photography that us taken from a plane, helicopter, balloon or drone
  2. Architecture photography, real estate: This genre mostly involves wide angle photos or panoramic. This art makes property looks attractive.
  3. Artistic photography: This is the photography in which creative composition is the goal. This can include mostly any kind of photography.
  4. Astrophotography photography:  this includes capturing pictures of space, mainly through a telescope or super telephoto lens.
  5. Black and white photography:  doesn’t just mean lack of color. This explores shapes, tones and textures. Shadows and highlights become much more important.
  6. Commercial photography: This includes photographs of products and advertising etc.
  7. Documentary photography: This includes genres like journalism, events, historical, political etc
  8. Event photography: Here photographs of concert, parties, festivals; weddings are included in this genre.
  9. strong>Forensic photography: It includes photography of police and crime related and legal photography.
  10. Macro photography:  This is the art of photographing objects that are too small to be visible to humans or photographs that makes some small things look huge.
  11. Nature photography: Any kind of photography that deals with capturing natural landscapes, animals, sea, plants etc.
  12. People photography: this include large number of genres such as candid, family, fashion, glamour, passports and visas. Portrait, pregnancy, School, Sports and some kinds of event photography also comes in this.
  13. Sports photography: This genre specializes in art of shooting people engaged in sports, games and adventure activities.
  14. Time lapse photography: Photographs with very long exposure, used to illustrate something happening over time.
  15. Travel photography:  This includes photographs of locations, illustrate travel literature, people while travelling etc.
  16. Water, Underwater photography: Any types of photography taken under water with a water-tight camera housing is underwater photography.

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