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Best Budget Camera Fujifilm (With Samples)

The FUJIFILM X-T100 has provided me with an incredible experience, and I can guarantee that It must be among the best budget cameras. Thanks to this amazing camera, what started as a considerate gift for my younger brother swiftly evolved into a passion for Fujifilm. I was so enthralled with its performance the first time I used it that I ended up taking it from my brother for a long time and to be honest, I still haven’t quite worked up the courage to return it.

At the heart of the FUJIFILM X-T100 lies a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor, coupled with FUJIFILM’s renowned image processing engine. This dynamic duo collaborates seamlessly to deliver exceptional photo quality that rivals even higher-end models. One of the X-T100’s greatest strengths lies in its compatibility with Fujifilm’s acclaimed X Mount lens range. Whether you’re a landscape enthusiast, a portrait aficionado, or a street photography connoisseur, there’s a lens to suit your unique style and preferences.


Its outstanding performance in low light has been, in my opinion, its most notable characteristic. I’m constantly amazed by the X-T100’s ability to take amazing pictures in difficult lighting situations, even with the kit lens. Its adaptable body often makes me wonder how amazing the results might be with a prime lens attached. The fact that the camera can capture such excellent shots with the available technology is a credit to its power and adaptability.

Naturally, there are issues with every camera, and the X-T100 is no exception. The autofocus system seems to lag a little bit, which can be annoying at times, especially when trying to capture subjects that move quickly. Furthermore, even while the video quality falls short of my very high standards, it still works well for vlogging and daily use—a trade-off I’m prepared to accept considering its other fantastic capabilities.

It was with mixed emotions that we discovered the X-T100 has been discontinued. On the one hand, I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to handle and experience such a great camera. However, it depresses to think that others might not get the opportunity to experience its charm for themselves.

Still, using the X-T100 has strengthened my respect for Fujifilm as a company, and I’ve subsequently developed a passionate interest in their lenses and cameras.

To sum up, the FUJIFILM X-T100 has not only surpassed my expectations but also stoked my interest in photography. Its remarkable low-light capabilities, along with its intuitive design and indisputable attractiveness, have made it a vital travel companion for me as a creator. Even if it could have come into my hands by unusual means, I can declare with confidence that it has become a treasured piece of photography gear in my heart.

Sample photos taken from Fujifilm X-T100

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