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Canon R1 FINALLY Announced

Sorry to say this is just a development announcement by Canon, about their Canon EOS R1.  

EOS (Electro-Optical System) R system has been a good choice for all the camera lovers. With their new RF mount lenses with R system the Canon has upgraded its overall quality in imaging technology. There are many points where they have upgraded their quality; stability, subject detections, lightning fast system, super clarity quality with 4K quality, durability and many more to give an example. With all these qualities now Canon has announced that they are in the process of developing the EOS R. They have called this their first flagship model for this system, the “EOS R system”. Although many have said that even R3 seemed to have the flagship camera, as Canon never mentioned before we have to assume that this is going to be big. 

What is the specification?

Canon did not choose to announce the major functions, and specification, but its sure that its going to be a game changer. As per the Canon Global Website, EOS R1 is a full frame mirrorless camera, as the first flagship model for the EOS SYSTEM equipped with an RF mount. They have even mentioned that they have looked after both still images and video requirements for professionals who work in all kinds of professions such as sports, news reporting, and video production. 

As per Canon Global they will be releasing in 2024, less hope it gets released soon. They have been doing great with their DIGIX X process for a long time, this time along with that they are going to introduce  a DIGIC Accelerator. This will have advancements in autofocus speed and the image quality. There are many questions like have they introduced some machine learning and AI techniques which are making them the most advanced?? Will they be more advanced than the present beast in town Sony A9 III?? 

They also talk about newly developed CMOS sensors which will help in reducing the noise furthermore. They are using deep learning technology, which will give a high-accuracy subject recognition. May be they can now tell or judge from where the subject will enter the frame or while exiting the frame where that subject might be. If this comes, this is also a really great technology. 

Anyway we all know who serious Canon are while developing any product, and this being the Flagship series and compared to the 1D series, this could be the best in the line of mirror-less. Let’s wait for Canon to announce everything and the date. 

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