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Drone users? New rule across Europe.

Drones usually refer to any unpiloted aircraft.  Drones also referred to as “ Unmanned Aerials Vehicles (UAVs) they can carry out a different range of tasks, ranging from military operations,  package delivery, and these days common for Videography and Photography.

Rules for drone use were not prominent around Europe up until now. This used to be hard for photographers and videographers traveling around Europe. As the drone has gained popularity these days everyone tries to fly one. Hence, European Union has made it clear where drones can be flown, as well as making it easier to trace owners. The major thing under the rule is even small drones will need to be registered with the relevant aviation authority. Buy stuffs from

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These rules are to ensure that authorities can trace who owns a drone if they are used in an irresponsible way or flown somewhere, they are not allowed.

Under the rules, drones are categorized into 3 types of the drone: High, medium, and low:

  • Low-risk or open-category drones will not require any authorization but will be subject to strict operational limitations
  • Medium-risk or specific-category drones will have to have authorization from the national aviation authority on the basis of a risk assessment
  • High-risk or certified-category drones will need to follow aviation rules, and this will apply to future drone flights with passengers.


Applications of these rules will change certain things that include:

  • to all drone parts, including engines and remote controls, privacy, personal data, and the environment.
  • A maximum heights rule will be introduced to prevent drone operators from endangering people on the ground and to protect people using air sports.
  • People hit by drones can get injured. This is why drones more likely to cause damage on impact should be registered and clearly marked for easy identification.

The new rules might give people the idea that they could unpack a drone and just fly it, said Elliott Corke, director of Global Drone Training.

Some FAQs

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