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A to Z of Street Photography: Vineet Vohra

Vineet Vohra, a pioneer photographer from India is one of the most influential street photographers of this era. He was born in Delhi in 1973. Vineet has a background in fine arts. Have completed graduation from Delhi College of Arts in applied arts and specialization in photography. His 1st camera Minolta x-700. When the pandemic hit the world, the world went into lockdown. Everything started becoming digital, that was the time I got a chance to get familiar with Vineet Vohra. His Images are really great, what I had always loved is the juxtaposition. The contrast, or the similarities he uses to make an image. Later I got to know there are A to Z of Street Photography.

He has recently published a photography book called Serendipity and he is also , a co-founder of APF magazine.

Below is the A to Z of Street Photography by Vineet Vohra

  • A: Aesthetic; it’s a branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and taste, so it relates to the initial feelings when you look at something.
  • B: Background; the part of an image or scene that forms a setting for the main figures, the circumstances or situation prevailing at a particular time, or underlying a particular event.
  • C: Content; an expression through a medium; can be speech, writing, or photography.
  • D: Dynamics; effective action, vigorously active, forceful, or simply energetic.
  • E: Emotion; an effective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced from our cognitive state of mind
  • F: Form (Framing);  simply means framing. The external appearance of a clearly defined area
  • G: Graphic; the art of drawing, pertaining to the use of diagrams, make an image look diagrammatic
  • H: Humour;
  • I: Illusion; something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality

A to Z of Photography
  • J: Juxtaposition; an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast
  • K: Keen Eyes; finely tuned as an edge, characterized by the distinctness of perception, extremely sensitive or responsive
  • L: Layers; to separate into or spread evenly over a surface
  • M: Minimalistic; using simple elements with little embellishment in an artistic way
  • N: Necessary elements;  essential, indispensable, or requisite
  • O: Observation skill; the act of noticing or perceiving instantly
  • P: Proximity; nearness in place, time, order, or relation
  • Q: Quirky; a peculiar action, behavior, or mannerism (something strange)
  • R: Range focus; knowing your distance from your subject or subjects
A to Z of Photography
  • S: Similarity;  the state of being similar, resemblance, or echo
  • T: Three dimensional; having or appearing to have length & depth
  • U: Unique moment; limited in occurrence to the presented situation
  • V: Vantage point; a position, or a place affording some advantage or having the view in your command
A to Z of Photography
  • W: Whimsical; erratic or unpredictable odd ideas
  • X: X-factor;
  • Y: Yourself
  • Z: Zeal; eager desire & enthusiasm

Find Vineet on his instagram: Vineet Vohra

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